The survey item highlighted this month is based on a question in the “Licensee Customer Service” section that asks: “Are there any particular licensees that stand out one way or another? Please give specific information.”

By far the most overwhelming standout for positive comments was Bimm Ridder Sportswear. Nearly half of the teams responding felt they had a need for a licensee that sells youth/infant/toddler apparel, and several clubs indicated that Bimm Ridder filled this need well for them. Other clubs requested larger men’s and women’s sizes, both of which are also offered.

Here’s what Merchandise Managers in all classifications of MiLB had to say about Bimm Ridder:

“Bimm Ridder offers a great product assortment.”

“Bimm Ridder has quick and accurate delivery on all orders, good communications ability.”

“Bimm Ridder offers the best minimums which is very important to me as well as having quick turnaround time.”

“Bimm Ridder has always been great to deal with. Product is always good and they address issues quickly.”

“Bimm Ridder is always very helpful. When I have an art request I know that they’ve received it. I receive the art approval within a day and any changes not long after. The artwork department is great at sharing their feedback. I will ask for something drawn up and the artist will show it, but also show another example of how they might set it up. I know when my package has shipped and the order is rarely ever wrong/late. Their customer service and products are an excellent fit for our company.”

“We use Bimm Ridder for everything in this category (Youth/Toddler).”

“Bimm Ridder and Bobbi Larson is top notch. Will return phone calls ASAP and helps get you out of a rut.”

“Bimm Ridder does a great job for us!”

“Bimm Ridder is so easy to work with. Bobbi is so helpful and they are quick with artwork and turnaround time.”

“When I first took over merchandise, Bimm Ridder was someone we always worked with and I tried a couple of other vendors for most of our youth and adult apparel and went back to Bimm Ridder. They have almost all of our business because of the good relationship I have with my contact, Bobbi Larson. She is always quick to get back to me and helps me if I want to bounce designs off of her. I’ve never been disappointed with her or Bimm Ridder.”

“Bobbi at Bimm Ridder is fantastic – very attentive to our needs.”

”Bimm Ridder! Bobbi is awesome!”

“Bobbi with Bimm Ridder deserves recognition. She does a great job.”

“We only use Bimm Ridder for our toddler/infant and they serve our needs very well.”

This sampling of positive comments prompted us to highlight this licensee. We asked Bimm Ridder (BR) to tell us more about the company and what it offers to MiLB clubs.

Most notably, BR is honored to have been a partner in the MiLB Licensing Program since it started 20 years ago, and is quite proud of the sports and leagues they cater to, with product in nearly 300 different stadiums and arenas. BR offers a one-stop vendor situation for MiLB clubs with both an apparel and headwear license, which includes newborn through adult sizes as well as girls, juniors and ladies. The comments above are backed up by the fact that BR provides product to more than 80% of MiLB teams, with those sales up more than 20% last year.

BR is looking forward to 2012 by introducing an adult performance tee, 130 new design concepts, a new look to their ever-popular “Road to the Show” and league T-shirts, and lowering sweatshirt prices dramatically in all styles and sizes.

What does BR offer? All types of apparel, including but not limited to T-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, polos, dresses, rompers, performance tees, bibs, etc. in the following sizes:

  • Adult, from S-3XL, and larger sizes upon request
  • Ladies, from S-2XL
  • Juniors, from S-3XL
  • Youth, from XS-XL, including a line of youth girls styles
  • Juvenile, from 4-7
  • Toddler, from 2-6X, including a line of toddler girls styles
  • Infant, from 6MO-24MO, including a line of infant girls styles and also a bib
  • Three Newborn styles in size Newborn

They state that their best-selling apparel items are basic tees (the staple of apparel), but that they have good sales in all 90 apparel items in their catalog.

In headwear, BR offers replica caps, fitted caps, adjustable caps, knit caps, and visors in both domestic and offshore choices:

  • In domestic, 15 adult styles and 3 youth styles
  • In the Elite (Off-Shore) Programs, more than 60 style choices in adult, ladies, youth and toddler
  • In addition to the general Elite (Off-Shore) Programs, the Early Booking Program allows customers to pre-book replica caps early with pricing at up to 34% off standard pricing
  • 48 piece minimums with two locations of embroidery to help create variety

They state that their best-selling headwear items are replica caps and washed twill caps.

* = an excerpt from the January 2012 Licensing eNewsletter

The MiLB Licensing Department, the MiLB Licensing Committee and Major League Baseball Properties were pleased to let Bimm Ridder know of their complimentary survey comments, and our appreciation of their long-term stability and contribution to the growth and success of the national Licensing Program. Bimm Ridder can be reached at:

Bimm Ridder Sportswear
817 2nd Avenue SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403
(800) 388-3479

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